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 The Little Library 

When Libraries were temporarily closed during Lockdown we felt our neighbourhoods needed fresh stories to ignite imaginations.

After receiving generous book donations from neighbours and friends, we started a delivery service of stories to doorsteps across Bristol as The Little Library.

​The Little Library found a home in May 2020 inside Phone Box (on the corner of Sion Hill and Gloucester Row) near the Clifton Suspension Bridge. With the support from a small shelving unit, the collection of books grew and diversified quickly.

A picture of a Phonebox with a sign saying The Little Library from the first lockdown 2020

Once Clifton Library opened its doors again, it was time to donate the remainder of the book collection to the Clifton Community Bookshop.

A rainy image of the window of a phone box with a sign saying Tiny Lockdown Library from February 2021

Fast forward a few months to February 2021: KT discovered that local residents brought back the Little Library to the Phone Box and we are delighted!

​You can still find the Little Library there, check out the map for details, so the next time you're near the Clifton Suspension Bridge, we invite you to pop your head in and see what stories are left to discover.

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