Dose of


Dose of Delight

Need a little positivity boost? Us too.

That's why throughout 2020 we have been sharing family-friendly cheerful signposts to joyous things in order to boost positivity amongst our community.

Every Monday and Thursday we will be sending reliable reminders to smile and lovely internet links to start the day

Wanna get in on the action? To subscribe:


1. Save +44 7517 522 881 as a contact on your phone


2. Send us a WhatsApp message with the word PLAY (your favourite GIF is always optional)


3. That's it! Dose of Delight will be coming your way every Monday and Thursday.

Subscribers describe Dose of Delight as:

"a little pick-me-up full of joy"


"a break from all the bad news and horrible stuff on the internet."

"positive messages to cheer the soul"

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