Dose of


Dose of Delight

Encouraging people to find little moments of joy is super important to us.




At the beginning of Lockdown, we began sharing family-friendly cheerful signposts to some joyous things in order to boost positivity amongst our community.

Conscious of flooding inboxes with more emails, WhatsApp became our way to share wholesome content - the only criteria for content was it had to make us smile, giggle or cry with laughter. That way we knew it was too good to keep it to ourselves 

From April to July 2020 that meant:

52 editions filled with uplifting stories, news, videos and GIFs

156 lovely internet links to start the morning


2132 reliable reminders to smile








Throughout Autumn on the A&K's Playground Facebook Page you can follow our Best of Dose of Delight series while this project is revamped behind the scenes.

Subscribers described Dose of Delight as:

"a little pick-me-up full of joy"


"The regular cheerful message was a good reminder to appreciate the fun side of things"

"a break from all the bad news and horrible stuff on the internet."


"a way to brighten up your mornings and ground yourself in the reality there is more good than bad" 


"positive messages to cheer the soul"

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